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There are around 28 treatment centers in Quebec. All the treatment centres other than RSI Environmental work only with the goals of reducing the concentration level of organic contaminants in order to bury the soil in an authorized site or dispose of it. RSI Environmental works to recycle the soil using a thermal treatment process.

At RSI Environmental, our mission is to recycle the largest amount of soil possible and to reduce landfill to a minimum to help mitigate the environmental responsibility for future generations. Our high-temperature thermal treatment centre allows us to carry out this mission.

The technology was chosen in 1996 with this vision of recycling in mind.

The thermal treatment technology was developed by Bennett Environmental and involves placing the soil in a rotary kiln for about 45 minutes and counter-currently injecting a flame to increase the internal temperature of the kiln to between 650 and 850 degrees Celsius. To achieve this, a primary burner of 27,000,000 BTUs feeds the flame. Since 2013, using the energy contained in residual hazardous waste and biomass in the kiln has allowed for a significant reduction in propane consumption.

Afterwards, the contaminants that have been evaporated are entrained into a secondary combustion chamber where the temperature increases to between 1000 and 1100 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, all the molecules are decomposed to their simplest states, and by adding oxygen, new gasses such as CO2, SO2, and H2O, etc., are created.

Then, neutralizing products are injected, and the gas is instantly cooled to about 130 degrees Celsius. Finally, the gas passes into a dust collector to remove the last of the fine particles, if necessary. The gas released from the stack is continuously monitored to ensure that all emissions are below established standards.

RSI Environmental’s unique technology is the only in North America to have shown effectiveness of greater than 99.99999% destruction. RSI is the only facility able to neutralize certain contaminants such as pesticides, dioxins, furans, phenols, and PCBs.

Once the destruction confirmation analysis has been confirmed, the treated material is then recycled, sold or disposed of at an authorized site. All the rocks and metals extracted during the process are sorted mechanically and sold.

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Our process, High Temperature Thermal Desorption (HTTD), is recognized as being the most effective treatment against soil contamination

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