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The RSI Environmental facility has a storage capacity of more than 70,000 tonnes. The contaminated material receiving and storage building is operated under a negative pressure system. This system ensures that no fugitive dust or vapors escape into the environment during unloading or storage. The warehouse is equipped with a ventilation system, and all emissions are filtered in compliance with Atmospheric Quality Standards and Criteria.

Water is recovered from the warehouse and transported to the water treatment system. Within the storage area, a variety of equipment is utilized to prepare the received material for storage and ultimate treatment. Typical equipment includes front-end loaders, grinders, crushers and various screening mechanisms.

Clients greatly appreciate RSI’s ability to receive material resulting from a spill or release at their location, 24 hours a day without any preliminary analysis.

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Our process, High Temperature Thermal Desorption (HTTD), is recognized as being the most effective treatment against soil contamination

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