Engineering services

While the environmental analyses of a site are being carried out by environmental engineering consulting firms, they must also find a solution to dispose of this contamination. Amongst their soil analysis tasks, these engineering firms must also juggle deadlines, unforeseen issues, any problems caused by soil contamination while also supervising those on site. Environmental consulting firms are constantly looking for new solutions for soil remediation management to promptly meet the demands while also offering the best cost-value. Most of the time, the treatment phase of polluted soils is contracted out to a specialized company.

Our soil remediation solution

RSI Environmental collaborates with environmental consulting firms to handle soil contamination and implement remediation plans. Our facility is able to accommodate a large amount of soil in a short amount of time. RSI Environmental handles soil sieving, rock crushing, sorting metals and separating any other residue. Everything is done in one controlled environment.

We are able to remove 99.99% of hydrocarbons and 99.9999% of organochlorine contaminants present when the shipment arrived at our facility. To do this, RSI Environmental uses a process called high temperature thermal desportion (HTTD). Our technology is the only one of its kind in Québec and is currently the most efficient in treating the widest range of contaminants on a site.

The treatment costs associated with this process are slightly higher than traditional solutions. However, given its unique technology, management fees and environmental risks at the site are greatly reduced. Once treated, soils can also be returned to their original sites. For these reasons, RSI Environmental provides a solution that is an attractive option for environmental engineering firms seeking innovative solutions for contaminated site problems.

Some examples of materials treated on contaminated sites

  • Organic contaminants
    • ALL organic contaminants, including:
      • Hydrocarbons, oils
      • PCBs and organochlorines
      • Dioxins et furans
      • PDT
      • Pesticides
      • PFOS
      • Heavy hydrocarbons (bunker)
      • The phenol family
  • Residual and granular hazardous materials
    • Contaminated tank bottoms
    • Contaminated concrete
    • Contaminated asphalt
    • Iron piping and contaminated metals
    • Contaminate aggregate panels
    • Contaminated bricks
    • All types of granular residue
  • Mixed contamination
    • If organic contaminants are present in the soil, it may also contain inorganic contaminants.
  • Hydrocarbon sludges

Advantages of using RSI for soil remediation

  • Receive a certificate of destruction
  • Turnkey service includes disposal and treatment
  • Disposal sites and unrestricted treatment
  • No extra fees
  • Capable of receiving 4000 tons of soil per day
  • Interior warehousing for soil storage available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • No charge sorting and reception of soil in safe, negative pressure buildings
  • One of the only facilities in North America to use this proven technology
  • Definitive treatment solution
  • Metal recycling
  • Energy recovery from waste
  • Only one of its kind in Québec for recycling and recovery of soil