Mining Industry

Issues with contaminated soil and mining waste management

During the production process, the mining industry creates tailings that need to be controlled. Mining involves a lot of movement of soil and the surrounding area, and some ore tailings may include organic contaminants. The use of explosives and the handling and transport of ores are activities that can contribute to the issue of contaminated soil. Accidental spills are also not uncommon and can cause contamination of nearby bodies of water.

Additionally, once a mine’s resources have been depleted, the site needs to be closed. This requires a remediation plan to restore the site to its natural state. It is therefore necessary to find soil remediation solutions to minimize the environmental impact that the mining activities have in the long-term.

Our treatment services for contaminated soil and mine tailings

RSI offers its services for decontamination of soil on sites contaminated with organic materials to mines that have shut down activities. We treat many different situations, such as soil contamination caused by environmental accidents. We are able to respond to emergency situations very quickly due to our large storage capacity.

Our interest lies in soil recycling, and the remediation of mining waste. In fact, once the treatment process is complete, we can send the soil that has been treated at our plant back to the mine to be used in filling and neutralizing the site.

For tailings contaminated with organic waste, we offer ore collection, transportation and processing services to mining companies to treat the contamination. Once the contaminants have been removed, the ore can be recycled.

Choose RSI for the management and treating of mining waste

  • Receive a certificate of destruction
  • Turnkey service includes disposal and treatment
  • Disposal sites and unrestricted treatment
  • No extra fees
  • Capable of receiving 4000 tons of soil per day
  • Interior warehousing for soil storage available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • No charge sorting and reception of soil in safe, negative pressure buildings
  • One of the only facilities in North America to use this proven technology
  • Definitive treatment solution
  • Metal recycling
  • Energy recovery from waste
  • Only one of its kind in Québec for recycling and recovery of soil

Examples of materials treated in mining waste

  • Organic contaminants
    • ALL organic contaminants, including:
      • Hydrocarbons, oils
      • PCBs and organochlorines
      • Dioxins et furans
      • PDT
      • Pesticides
      • PFOS
      • The phenol family
  • Mixed contamination
    • If organic contaminants are present in the soil, it may also contain inorganic contaminants.
  • Hydrocarbon sludges