Contaminated soil remediation

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Contaminated soil remediation experts

Contaminated soil remediation, that’s what we do! With more than 15 years of experience in contaminated soil treatment, our innovative method has proven itself.

Located in Saint-Ambroise, Quebec, RSI Environnemental owns the only thermal desorption plant of the province. The negative pressure in our warehouse facility prevents discharge of pollutants around the plant. This ensures the safety of the facility.

Thanks to our 70-000 ton warehousing facility, we can quickly respond to your requirements. This makes us ready to respond to any situations of environmental emergencies.

Contaminated soil treatment by thermal desorption

High temperature thermal desorption (HTTD) is a process where excavated contaminated materials are heated in a chamber to volatilize water, organic contaminants and certain metals. A gas or vacuum system transports the vaporized water and contaminants to an air emission treatment system, where particulates and contaminants are removed. The primary advantage of this process is its high level of efficiency.

RSI Environmental is able to deal with a wide range of contaminants in its soil treatment facility whether for organic materials or heavy metals.

Contaminated soil disposal and environmental sustainability

Because the hazardous materials processed by thermal desorption are not heated to a temperature as high as incineration, they are only separated out of the contaminated soil in gaseous form. Although the contaminants are not directly destroyed, the soil is now free of toxic waste. Soil contamination is now a thing of the past!

Once the soil is free of contaminants, it only needs to be cooled and re-hydrated. Afterwards, the treated soil reestablishes many of its properties and is now re-usable. RSI Environmental is working to develop a fertile soil from its soil recycling technology with Agrinova, a firm of experts in agronomy.

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